$383,000,000 (Forgien) + 282,000,000 (Domestic) = EL FIN Parte Uno

1 Dec

First Harry Potter post… for now


I swear, there’re trying to give me a heart attack (AKA the Hawks/Blues mini recap)

1 Dec


Well wouldn’t you know. The hawks win a rickety, rolling rebound recurring wild one back on home ice. Kopecky has has his first 4 point game without his larger, swifter Slovakian comrade Marian Hossa (who thanks to a thoroughly boneheaded check in practice yesterday sent Hoss out for two to three weeks). Kane, the dare I say svelte winger lit up the score board, the penalty board and every board in between in his iron ringing return from ignominy that lasted 13 games. Brouwer continued to reaqiuant himself with last years scoring behemoth, and Morin showed us why he looks better with a Chief on his sweater than a porky pig.

Hi-lights aside, the Hawks are one more win towards evening their at home record, and accomplished their goal of returning to the Madhouse with a bang. I’ll admit, I didn’t personally see anything but the shoot the puck third period. I was preparing to lament Kopecky’s grinding inability to score (for a grinder), fantasize on a cheaper starting goaltender in Corey Crawford, and generally celebrate Sharpie’s continuing dominance of goalies across the NHL. Now they have a solid 30 point record  and all my pre-game assumptions have been torn asunder.  So much for my recap.

Coach Q has stated several times over the course of the season that the Hawks need to play a full sixty minutes. Maybe it was the huge early lead, as the Hawks seemed to go to auto pilot halfway through the second. Low and behold, after Boyton decided to expend a little of his cro-magnan Esq adrenaline jolt and picked a fight with BJ Crombeen, the Blues managed to resurrect  themselves. Give the Blues credit, they responded to a bombastic rub-it in your face play by Boyton, and scored three unanswered goals, stretching between the end of the 2nd and beginning of the3rd periods.

I was happy to see Brouwer extend his scoring streak. I think the Hawks, veterans and newcomers alike, need to realize the similarities between last season, and this one. Obviously, the cap situation cannot be resolved over night. Sure we managed to dump Huet’s princely ransom, but many of the new guy’s Turco are on low end one year deals. The Hawks are either going to have to shop for a new goalie, extend Turco’s contract, or hope that Corey Crawford can mature enough to take on the starting role next year. While we’ve seen flashes of brilliance from the kid, this is his biggest break into the NHL, having him jump from the AHL to NHL back up then to Starter might be asking to much. It wouldn’t be fair to Crawford and his obvious talent to try to push him into a role he’s not quite ready for, besides, we don’t know if there will be an effective back up available. I can’t see Turco, however a gregarious person he may be, acquiescing to the job of second fiddle.

Seabrook is also due for a nice lump of cash. Given his recent play, I would also hope that Bowman continues to believe in a core that include #10. Even with a slight raise/ extension, Sharp’s talent is bought on the cheep.

Essentially, the Hawks need to bond, and fast. This could be a one and done year, before even more changes are made to the team during the offseason. The only question is just how far they go.

Hawks/Blues First Intermission

1 Dec

20 minutes in and the Hawks have a 2-1 lead over division rival blues. Scott (aka Fluffy) busted another guy’s head in, and Kaner got tagged for a two minuet tripping penalty. Sorry to see Corey Crawford lose another chance at getting a shutout. Oh, and as for the scoring it’s Kpoecky (Sharp) and Sharp (Morin, Campbell) (Take that back, the assist of Sharp’s goal was given to T. Kopecky) for the Hawks. Yes indeed Sharpie is well… sharp. 16 Goals 13 Assists for number deice. Few more and he’ll give the much loathed St. Crosby a run for his money (currently listed at 3 6 in league standings for goals.) And if you didn’t notice, I’m a Blackhawk fan through and through.

Imperiosus Decretum : Sceptrum quod totus inter bonus mos

29 Nov

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